Terms & Conditions
1. About this use assent contract
This is an Agreement between BinaryKing13(hereinafter referred to as: the Company) and Customer (hereinafter referred to as: the Customer).
This Agreement, with domain【https://binaryking13.com】(hereinafter referred to as: the "the Website") is explaining Terms and Conditions and Risk of using the Website.
Upon registration, Customer acknowledges and agrees to be bound by 1)Terms and Conditions, 2)Privacy Policy. Customer who does not agree to all of the Terms and Conditions in this Agreement,are not allowed to use the services provided by Company.
If any provision of this Agreement is held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable by law, modified to the rest of the provisions that have as much as possible the original effect, it is assumed to be interpreted, all the other provisions of this Agreement shall remain in effect.
2. User Eligibility
The Company’s services are recommended only to experienced and knowledgable Customer who fully understands the benefits and risks that may occur by carrying out financial transactions by the information that is available in the Website. Inexperienced Customer is allowed to use the services when he is well understood risks involved in binary options trading.
Customer takes full responsible to any investment decisions based on any contents content of the Website.
The Company takes absolutely no responsibility for any losses incurred to verify if the Customer has sufficient knowledge and experience In addition, the Company takes absolutely no responsibility for any losses or damage through any transactions made by Customer as a result of the use of the services.
3. Legal Restrictions
By jurisdictions, it is not Company’s intention and responsibilities to any violation of law which legality is not clearly defined. Customer fully understands that financial law regarding Financial Contracts vary throughout the world, and fully responsible to make necessary inquiries as to the legal status of your activities and applicable local laws and regulations, as currently in force in your country of residence and abide by such laws and regulations. It is Customer sole obligation to ensure that Customer fully complies with any laws, regulations or directives, relevant to your country of residency with regards to the use of the Website.
Customer must declares that all funds to be deposited by you in your account are of legal origin, are not the proceeds of crime, proceeds of drugs trafficking or dealings in other prohibited substances and etc.
Customer takes full responsible to bonus from using the services, and also any taxes, administrative charges and other costs incurred.
4. Account Management and Requirement
Customer solely responsible to manage the Customer’s user ID and password upon opening account.
Customer agrees to provide accurate current personal information. Personal information verification is needed and do not use any fake identity or pseudonym. In case that identity does not match with data, even though there is no penalty to Customer, the Company reserves the rights to stop any services without prior notification during deposit/withdrawal from company’s services.
Customer agrees not to intentionally fake partnership with any other organisation, false personal identification in any circumstances.
Customer , acting as Agent, is not allowed to use the services.
Customer shall protects own user ID password, not to disclose any personal information and use any third party’s password. Customer solely responsible all trading transactions by using own password. Customer be identified to be own self by using exact correct user ID and password, and all transactions on which the user ID • password is enter ed correctly, is considered valid.
It is Customer’s responsibility to report to the Company for any changes of personal information.
The Company undertakes to strictly manage Customer’s personal information upon account opening according to the information disclosure which is defined in the Privacy Policy.
5. The grant of license and restrictions
The Company, will issue a non-exclusive and nontransferable restrictive license(hereinafter referred to as: the "License") in contract of using the account and the Website.
License will continually comply with the terms of this Agreement.
Customer takes fully responsibilities for any violation of the Agreement.
Customer agrees to only use information from the Website for trading purposes.
Customer agrees not to use any third party license and account without prior consent of the Website ,resell the content, give permission to access and replicate for other purposes.
Customer does not allowed to use all information and functions from the Website for the purpose of illegal, fraud, abuse, libel, slander, invasion of privacy of other, intimidation, harassment, embarrassment and etc.
Personal information from Customer which are not currently be used, including email address, in the case that Customer fails to comply all the rules, terms and conditions of this Agreement and guidelines of each service, Customer’s license will be disabled under this Agreement. In case of any violations by Customer as above, the Company will directly stop the access to the website. Moreover, without any prior notice from the Company, Customer agree to all access to use the services, trading will be stopped, information and content of the Website will be discarded.
6. Financial Information
Financial information provided by the Website can be used for various services, created in-house, agent, or information obtained from the vendor or partner. These information include partially or all parts of financial market data, quotes, news, options analysis and research reports, graphs or the various types of data (hereinafter referred to as "financial information"). These information are not intended to constitute investment and provided solely for Customer convenience, the company does not guarantee that any content. It is solely Customer’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of the financial information,timeliness, completeness and integrity, the company and third party who providing financial information do not guarantee any of all the results that occurred based on financial information provided.
Financial information changes rapidly for a variety of reasons such as market movement and any changes of economic conditions. The company and third party who are providing financial information will not be responsible for any update of information or providing any opinion on any financial information, and the company reserves rights to discontinue the services anytime without any notification.
It is solely Customer’s responsibility to verify the reliability of the information on the Website and the compatibility with the information and please trade with well consideration. The company strictly does not responsible for any claims arising from information provided on the Website and any announcement made, and the allegations of loss or damage.
7. Link
The Company may provide hyperlinks to other sites that are managed or offered by third parties, those hyperlinks not an endorsement, authorisation, or verification with respect by the company. The Customer confirms and be aware of the risks involved in using those site(s) before retrieving, using, relying upon or purchasing anything via the Internet.
Hyperlinks on the Website are provided solely for Customer convenience, Customer agrees that the Company does not liable for any loss or damage caused by use of or reliance on any content, goods or services available on other sites under any circumstances.
8. Refund
Bank transfer in overseas remittance upon withdrawal. ※ It is necessary to have a bank account with either SWIFT, ABA, BLZ, or any code.
Customer will be responsible for any administrative charges upon withdrawal(lifting charge, bank charge and etc.)
For withdrawal, it is necessary to use a trade of 300% or more of the payment amount.
9. Anti-Money Laundering
It strictly prohibited the use of the Website for the purpose of money laundering.In addition, the Company adopts best-practice anti-money laundering procedures.
The Company reserves the right to refuse to do business with, to discontinue to do business with, and to reverse the transactions of, Customers who do not accept or adhere to the anti-money laundering procedures.
  • Customer must submit any necessary information requested by the company.
  • Winnings from trading from the Website may only be paid out to Customer who opened an account pursuant to the Company's regular procedures.
  • When Customer make a refund by bank transfer, it will only be remitted to the true owner of the bank account.
  • Trading above deposit amount is obligated for anti-money laundering.
  • It is Customer’s responsibility to ensure that banks account number and name are the same for deposits through overseas remittence transfers.
  • The Website ,at its sole discretion, require a Customer to provide additional proof of identity such as copy of passport or other means of identity verification under the circumstances, at its sole discretion suspend the account until such proof has been provided to its satisfaction.
10. Stop of Trade
Upon using the Website’s services, the Customer should not be doing following matters or acts with the fear. The company has absolute right to stop the service, denial of service, stop the trading, denial of profit sharing, account freezing treatment, have the authority to make a forced withdrawal based on the company’s judgement that the Customer acts the belowmentioned or it has performed an act seen to it. In addition, the company will only refund the deposit when it is a forced withdrawal (if account balance is less than the deposit amount, potential withdrawal amount), funds including transaction bonus will be vanished.
  • International law, the Constitution, laws, regulations, conflict with other laws and regulations, or there is suspicious behavior.
  • Behaviour in violation of this Agreement
  • Excessive claim behaviour
  • Behaviour of violation of Company or third party copyright, trademark rights and other infringe or acts with the fear
  • The act of using unauthorised tools, program rather than the API, without company’s permission
  • Impersonation behaviour to the fictional character (including the use of ID • password of others)
  • Multiple accounts possession (include family members)
  • Behaviour to perform systematic trading
  • Register again after account closed without permission from the Company
  • Excessive cancellation behaviour
  • The act of performing unusual transactions using an automatic tool & etc
  • The act of using company services not for investment purposes but bonus purposes
  • The act of intrusion Website security systems, access and attempts to penetrate or bypassed, even disturbance to the Website (not limit to the use robot and similar machine)
  • When it is clear that the company suffers through malicious behaviour, financial, legal, or a monetary penalty
  • Other prohibited acts described in this Agreement
  • Other prohibited acts determined by the Company
When a certain amount of biased has occurred in the transaction, it may be sold out.
Please note that the company will solve and improve situation when access is too concentrated, not being able to perform purchase due to server problem.
11. Limitation of Liability
The company strictly does not responsible to error, delay and obstructive behaviour caused by unauthorised access (acts of destruction or disturbance & etc). In addition, the company is not responsible for any problems on the Internet, technical malfunction of telephone network or lines, on any malfunction of computer online systems, servers or providers, hardware, software.
The company is not responsible regardless any online, office loss or damaged by contents of the company’s Website or services, and by using the Website and services.
Customer solely responsibles to provide and maintenance all computer machines, telephone networks, internet access services. communication. The Website performance will be affected by the communication mobile machine and internet connection. Upon Customer access to the Website , the company is not responsible to any loss caused by internet, tele-communication network service providers.
The company, employees, and strictly not liable to any consequential damages based on investment decisions made on the usefulness information obtained from the Websites or based on such information directly, indirectly and continentally.
The trading responsibility of the company applied to law of Customer’s country of residency and to maximum extend, the company is not liable to any fund deposit in the Website or responsibility above withdrawal amount.
12. Intellectual property
All content, trade names, trade marks, logos, icons, etc., belong to the Company or its partners and agents, are protected by copyright laws and international agreements and Convention. From the download or print materials from the site, Customer agrees not to remove the display to the effect that copyright and other intellectual property rights are protected.
Unless otherwise stated in the Agreement, Customer does not own any intellectual property rights to use the licences or right to use the Website or contents of the Websites.
Images on the Website belong to the company or the rights to use. Without obtaining the permission of the ownership, without prior written consent, Customer agree not to download, copy, duplicate, post and distribute any information protected any intellectual property rights (published right and privacy rights), software and other contents.
13. Compensation
Customer agrees and be liable to pay in full to the company and third parties related to the Website.
Customer agrees to compensate the company, all employees and agents for all damages caused by violation, responsibilities, loss and legal fee involved if Customer breach any provision of this agreement when access to the Website and use of services.
14. Contract period and termination
There is no expiry date of the contact which started from the date of basic registration done. The company reserves the right to terminate the contract by notifying the Customer.
Customer is not allowed to register a new transaction upon termination of the contract.
15. Disclosure of risk in trading
Customer agrees to use the Website at your own risk.
Not limit to all abovementioned provisions, it is Customer own responsibility to fully understand that there is a possibility of losing all investments, trading only for experienced investors who managed to handle risk involved in financial trading, and the judgement to handle risk.
It is possible to lose partial or whole investment so do not invest any fund to withstand the loss. Please use the services upon fully understand the risk involved in binary option trading.
16. Governed Law
The structure, effectiveness and enforcement of this Agreement are governed by the laws of British Virgin Islands. Prosecution and litigation arising under this Agreement may be only filed in the court of the British Virgin Islands, both parties (the Company and Customer) agree that any individual jurisdiction be ineffective, and the Customer shall not be interleaved the objection to this.
The Company not liable to any uncontrollable events caused by government or law authorities.
Any waiver of any provision of this Agreement shall not be interpreted as a waiver related to the prior or subsequent violation of any provision of the Agreement.
17. Change of Terms and conditions
Without noticing the Customer, Company has the right to change or modify the Agreement through timely disclosure after any changes or modification, it is Customer’s responsibility to verify if there is any changes or modification made of the Agreement. Any changes and modification are valid and effective from the date it is published and disclosure in the Website.
In any event that Customer does not agree to any changes made to this Agreement, stop the services immediately and notify the Company by give written notice.