Privacy Policy
BinaryKing13 (hereinafter referred to as: "the Company"), acknowledges the importance of 「Personally Identifiable Information」and 「Individual Surviving Information」 (hereinafter referred to as: "Personal Information”), the Company gathers, utilises ,safeguard information and for secure management purpose, the Company defines Privacy policy and operates as follows.
1. Safeguard of Personal Information
The company established an operational procedure to protect personal information, prevent unauthorised access, in order to maintain the accuracy of the information, the company has put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information collect online.
2. The collection of personal information
The company through proper way to collect and use personal information collected by defining the usage purpose, notifying and fulfilling the purpose within required area. In order to protect the privacy of Minors, the company does not keep any user information under age of 20 , and any parts of the Website has been configured to attract users under age of 20. This policy applied to all information collected or submitted to he Website. The Customer can perform financial transaction, request, data submission for the purpose of registration and other. The types of personal information that is collected on the Website, name, address, email address, contact number, birth date, bank account details, credit card number and other, regardless whether pertaining to personal or acting on behalf of any organisation or third party. Information collected from different sources will be integrated on this Website, Customer can update personal information on timely basis by accessing to 『Manage Member Information』.
3. Usage of Personal Information
Personal information collected from Customers are used and managed for below purposes within required range.
  • Provide Customer service and secure on the transaction associated with it
  • Provide information from email & etc ・ collect unidentified individual「statistical data 」.
  • Personal Identification
  • Prevention of unauthorised usage of credit card
  • Prevention of international money laundering
  • Settlement and refund
※Customer is allowed to choose if to provide personal information based on Customer’s judgement, it is possible that Customer unable to use part of the services provided by the Website.
4. Disclosure of personal information to third parties
The company will not disclosure personal information to third parties except obtain authorisation from the Customers, under the laws, or with valid reasons, or unless falls under any of followings.
  • it is required to be disclosed under provisions of law and regulations
  • it is requested to be disclosed by Customer
  • it is disclosed un-identical individual「Statistic Data」(sex, age & etc)
  • 弊社関連会社が開示を要求した場合
  • it is disclosed to financial institutes, credit card company & etc to verify the legitimacy of bank account and credit card &etc of Customer who deposit by using credit card &etc upon settlement procedure
  • n the general case
  • If the previously disclosed by the customers,and widely known in our company
  • after disclosed by the customers,and widely known in our company
  • No in violation of regulations,informed of the confidentiality obligation or provided to us by a third party
  • without referring any information which we developed by oourself.
  • in order to protect our rights
personal identity inquiry
if you wantto delete or change the personal information ,please send us your personal information.
about support
it is possible to stop the information to be transmitted from this site if you want to .
7.about privacy policy
Without noticing the Customer, Company has the right to change or modify the Agreement through timely disclosure after any changes or modification, it is Customer’s responsibility to verify if there is any changes or modification made of the Agreement. Any changes and modification are valid and effective from the date it is published and disclosure in the Website.